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I write the weekly “Technology Today” column for the Florida Today newspaper, which is published by Gannett. The column appears every Friday in the Business section of the paper.

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2017 Columns

  • ‘Online privacy’ is an oxymoron (April 28)
  • Augmented reality: Just dive right in! (April 21)
  • WWI : Lest we forget murderous technology (April 14)
  • Time to harness the ‘real’ power of the sun (April 7)
  • Very big limitations to ‘clean’ energy currently (March 31)
  • Fossil fuels: Cheap, powerful and dirty (March 24)
  • The Apple Watch: Kind of cool but expensive, heavy and kind of bulky (March 17)
  • The Matrix Revisited: Are robots progenitors of tomorrow’s agents? (March 10)
  • Chatbots: What goes around, comes around (March 3)
  • Engineers of tomorrow will very likely evolve in vastly different way (Feb. 24)
  • Good or bad, the next big thing is already here (Feb. 17)
  • Transportation security: Managing traffic is key (Feb. 10)
  • Carrot and stick method might help tech industry (Feb. 3)
  • Why problems persist: Stop accepting ‘good enough’ software (Jan. 27)
  • Sorry state of software: After all these years, crashes are inexcusable (Jan. 20)
  • Using big data analytics to uncover patterns (Jan. 13)
  • 2017 predictions: Space program, drone delivery, technology & society (Jan. 6)

Past Columns